Friday, October 12, 2012

My 67 Trumpet

The year is 2008 I just traded my 73 Moto Guzzi to Bryan Beltz for this tasty little triumph. I had built maybe 15 jap bikes and one Moto Guzzi at this point and was really wanting to step up my bike game. Bryan had already painted the tins and had the motor built up so I finished all the frame work and painted it a real nice white with a ton of pearl in it. There is still pearl all on the wall next to the shed. Ross helped me TIG weld the bar set up and I built the bike up. At this point the bike had not beat me half to death and broken my heart over and over and over. It takes a special kind a Masochist that enjoys old british bikes. In comparison my Ironhead is 1000 times more reliable and better to ride but then again at the time I loved this fucking bike. Took it out to the Smokeout and won a trophy and got it in the magazine. Helped jump start the shop and was allot of fun but like most people I got smart and sold the bike and bought my first Harley. No looking back.

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