Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After thoughts....

Well its been a couple of days now and I have thought a lot about the show. Besides the terrible weather I think next year I should try and get more of the old man types with all there snooty vintage cycles to come out. See the only problem with that is that if there is even a 1 %  chance of rain they won't bring there bikes out. Oh well live and learn I suppose. My daughter loves doing Mad Libs so I thought it would be funny to see what people would come up with. I of course forgot to run around a take  pictures of the entry forms but there were some great ones. Shea's was classic. If you have not seen Noot's digger/stroker ironhead then this is the bottom pic. Bike is so killer and I still have not had a chance of riding it. Hint Hint On Friday I loaded my two bikes into the show. Perfect opportunity for the bikes to shine all alone. All I had was my camera phone. Classic

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  1. Dont worry about the show Ricky. It will grow as long as the people involved are doing it for the love of motorcycles.
    I dont think that is an issue for you, and you just need to seek out the people with the bikes that do it for the love of them.
    Rain or Shine.