Monday, May 20, 2013

West Bottoms Show 2013

Well for the first year I would say it was pretty damn good. I'd say about 200 cars and about 50 bikes were lined up under and around the 12th street bridge in the bottoms of Kansas City. Our shop is about 4 blocks away so that was nice. Took the kiddos and a neighbor along so they could hang out with me. They had a blast and so did I. Check out the crazy Ripper Shovelhead with more oil on the ground then in it. Hilarious because Ian said " That Bike Is Yucky". The Gasser Nova was insane and my favorite car there by far. Well up until this Chevy Tudor rolled up then I left. Great that there is someone else willing to do some hard work and have a real good first show. Enjoy and starting tomorrow I will be riding every damn day period. We had some crazy ass Midwest weather the last two days with tornado's and rain like it was the end of times. I swear last year I had been riding everyday for a month already. Season is starting late but that will hopefully mean it goes a month later, Right?

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