Monday, May 13, 2013

Really Love Motorcycles, Seriously......

Had the first great weekend of bike events in town. Two shows in one weekend and I have to say it doesn't get much better. The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle club in KC put on there show and swap Saturday. I think the little CB 160 road race bike that actually gets raced was the coolest thing there. I could not have even got on the damn thing but it looked killer and I guess goes like stink. The boy went crazy when he saw the Mini Trail Honda and I have to say it would be killer to roll on. There were some very cool and clean old bikes there. Sunday was a typical Harley show with your typical Harley bullshit and all that comes with it. Yeah I rode my Harley out, So. The Shovel got some attention and I loved the blue shovel above. There was Elizabeth's Knuckle and the Indian in the show. Everything else was crap. Riding the Shovel back I smelled a lot of gas and found out the float was sticking open and letting copious amounts of gas to hit the ground. So today I found out my brand new petcock does not shut off. It says off but it doesn't shut the fuck off. There was a little burr on the needle seat of the S&S so I took some red scrotch brite and cleaned it up. Luckily for me Dave had giving me a new petcock that he could not use. So I swapped it out and all is right with the world again. More miles this week and more shows and swaps this weekend. Winter is finally over.

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