Monday, May 27, 2013

Summertime Blues/ Top 5 Saturday

Well have to admit that this whole moving thing is shit. I don't want to move ever again ever. Being that I am in the home stretch of it and next week I will be sleeping at the new place I am feeling a lot better about it. That being said I am missing a ton of fun stuff to do. There has been a car/bike show every weekend and I am having to pass. Next weekend is the Rust Revival up in Wayland Ia and it is a great show. So I got the truck in paint and hated it so I get to do it all over again. I have done way to much work to just settle on so shit paint job. It's just money and time , Right? So Top 5  a little late.
Top 5 Bands I've listened to this week

Number 1. Graveyard S/T-. This bands first record is seriously so good they outdid themselves. All there records are good but this is the one. I posted some songs and you should have listened to them. So rare that there is all the combination of a killer band. Music is simple but played well, singing is spot on and the feeling is there. Perfect music to sand your truck to. Ha

Number 2. The Soviettes- Once again I have found another band about 10 years to late. Hailing from Minnesota and having three records out I have no idea about the band. Just happened to watch a video on Youtube and was instantly hooked. Three females upfront and a fellow drumming. With a little bit of digging I found a ton of live footage and I do really like them. Sound like Jawbreaker and early Face To Face with girls singing. I actually really love the main girls voice and you should watch the Number1 is number 2 video. Maybe I will post it to make it easy om all of you.

Number 3. Bruce Springsteen Nebraska- I don't even know how many pf thousands of times I have listened  to this record. It is one of the most haunting and beautiful records ever recorded. When I get to work real early I will play this record as a warm for my day. It will either make me energized or bum me the fuck out out. So put your makeup on and your hair up pretty tonight we're going to Atlantic City.

Number 4. CCR- You want to talk about American music well then CCR is the one. I can't think of anybody that does not like CCR. If they don't then they you are no friend of mine. I have this memory of driving with my dad in his old Econoline van. It was always hot as hell and we were driving to his house for the weekend. I could smell hot oil coming up from the doghouse. I knew that my weekend was going to full of riding dirbikes, skateboarding, fishing and just being a kid. On these drives from our moms place to dads we listened to CCR. With out a doubt we always put in Greenriver and would sing along and play air guitar. Probably one of the first bands I really loved. As I grew up I of course found my way into Punk Rock but there will always be a place for CCR in my heart.

Number 5. Outbreak- With song titles like Your Scum and Brain dead this band rules. Crazy fast short blast to the empty space between your ears. When I want to listen to Hardcore I want this. Angry snotty almost to the point of being ridiculous. There 10" record is by far one of the great Punk records of the last 10 years and with that being said I will go listen to it right now.

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