Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank You and Fuck You's

First and for most I want to say a giant thank you to everyone that came out to support the show. Not exactly the best weather and actually I don't think it could have got any worse. Maybe a direct tornado on the show but anything else is pretty damn close. 80 degrees on Tuesday, snow on Thursday and rain for the last 48 hours straight do not make for a good motorcycle show. I can just see all the fine folks that looked out there windows this morning saw the rain and said "Fuck that I'm staying home". I don't blame them honestly. I think I did say at one point that I would rather have 28 awesome bikes then 100 shitty ones. Well I got what I asked for. There wasn't one shitty bike in the show and I did get the kudos from quite a few people that said the same thing. Noot came down and hung out Friday night as well as Michael from Keokuk. Hanging with Noot is always a good time and I did get to talk motorcycles all day so it was a good day in my eyes. Elizabeth got the Best Of Show trophy with her Knucklehead. Noot got the best Chopper award for the digger and Tommy got a 1st place ribbon for the GS crazy bike. Tony got the Best Metric as well with the Cb street tracker with the green flame job. Oh yeah the big Fuck You goes out to the weather,  obviously. I figured we lost our ass but you have to start somewhere right?

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