Wednesday, May 1, 2013

True Story Time......

OMG the weather is gonna be terrible for the bike show. 30's in the am and maybe up to 44. Good thing the show is inside. Gonna end up putting a few vendor spots inside and just dealing with the weather as the day progresses. It was nice Mon and Tuesday so I rode each bike one day. Luck you say well I say fuck luck. I have put so many man hours into each of these machines that luck has nothing to do with it. Love the shovel then I will jump on the sporty and I fall in love with it again. I guess I love two machines. I like parking next to the Fag Boys bike it makes mine even better. My whole bike weighs less then the wheels on that thing. Not really but when the rules of horsepower to weight comes into play I win.
 So story time will be starting now.  I go to the same coffee shop every chance I get and there are always these arty type douche bags and the typical art school neo hippie cute girls, not to mention the homeless traveler kids that pan handle out front. I always hate these mother fuckers with every once of my soul. One part of me is just so pissed off that they have nothing better to do then sit and sip organic tea and talk about the fix gear movement and the other part of me is so fucking jealous that I don't have the free time to just sit and enjoy some coffee in the sun. Oh well the battle in my brain rages on. I went there tonight and witnessed a entire table of nothing but fat old gamer types talking about the new Start Trek movie and I laughed out loud and then had this post already brewing. The coffee is amazing and the comic relief doesn't hurt to bad..


  1. " I always hate these mother fuckers with every ounce of my soul"...Love it. Sometimes I think we were seperated at birth. Very similar views on life, bikes, and broads. I hope all turns out well for your bike show. Kansas City weather blows.

  2. your cafe experience reminds me of SF. i mean do none of these assholes the hell are they just hanging out all day everyday?! some of them im sure of the trustafarian breed, but the others just straight up lack ambition and/or were not hugged by mommy and daddy enough!