Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The View......

I know I have mentioned the house selling but I have not talked about the house I am buying. I did three months of hardcore work so my house would be ready to sell in spring. We got it listed and in a record 8 days the house was sold. Oh Fuck that means I have to find another house real quick. I live in Midtown KC which is alright if you like college kids, hipsters, prostitutes, pimps, homeless thugs, crack heads, people that think they don't live one block from the ghetto. Well I had had enough so in a blink my house is gone. What you see here is my new house or more importantly the view from the shop. Look close there is nothing. No houses, no highway, no one getting shot. Fucking crazy how quiet it is out there. Will be able to move all my shop stuff home by the end of summer and start slaving away at home. It will be awesome. Shop is about 1000 sq ft.and the rest of the basement is finished for play room and storage. The ranch style house is 2000 sq ft. and is pretty cool already but will be in full make over starting on the 29 of May. There are a few neighbors down in the low level(ha ha) that are gonna love me. Loud ass truck and loud old Harleys are gonna be breaking the silence coming real soon. Wish me luck and everyday will be hillclimb racing because the driveway is fucking gnarly. The city of Parkville Mo is a cool little town and I am glad to be calling it home. It has the best school district in the metro area and some great back roads riding to go on.

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  1. You need a Ford 8N tractor with a mower attachment - and a snow blade - seriously.