Friday, May 10, 2013

Just Saying..........Top 5 Saturday

Chopper Dave has a great article in the new Horse about helmets. I could not agree more. I don't think there is a bigger topic for bike riders then to wear or not to wear helmets. I am one of those guys that over the years has grown into a fairly gnarly rider. I used to wear a beanie helmet then a 3/4 and now I only wear a full face Bell Moto 8. I am maybe gonna get a new Biltwell full face but we shall see. Look at this picture above  and realize that if you go down and you will oh you will, your grill is gonna hit the ground first. I like my face and my beard where they are at. It is of course your choice but if you live in a state where you have to wear a helmet why not wear the BEST FUCKING helmet you can. The rest of this old man body can be pinned back together but if my chin is on my bellybutton well I guess I'd be screwed wouldn't I. So top 5 reasons to wear a full face

Number 1. They are fucking cool as long as you wear it well. Score a vintage dirtbike helmet and start a revolution I say. Sure they won't help your head when it hits the ground but your chin and beard will be safe. 

Number 2. Stealth mode. I know you want all the cute girls to see you on your bike but having a full face on won't let the cops see your face. They don't call the Simpson Bandit a Bandit for nothing right.

Number 3. No Bricks to the face. I think I wrote about the red brick that I got smashed with riding on the highway. Well it sucked and from that night on I wear a full face. Bugs, bricks, sticks, rocks, bees, cigarettes, etc etc don't mean shit. Sure you hear them hit you but no pain and blood to deal with.

Number 4. They become like a force field. I think I ride a little crazy or more just at full speed ahead all the time. No big deal because my face is all covered, right?

Number 5. Actually the only thing that sucks about a full face is it is hard to spit and adjust glasses. Small price to pay I suppose. True story about 2 weeks ago we were out riding and we were goofing around. Shea kinda broke down and this bunch of faggot bicycle riders went by and one of them put his fingers in his ears. Like to say that he did not like the sound of my amazing Shovel head. I thought he was a fuck head and left it alone. Well a mile down the road there he is again and  he does it again. So I yell something about being a faggot and then try and spit on him as I buzz  by him. Well all that happened was I spit on the inside of my helmet and then I got even more pist off. I don't know why I didn't just kick him over then run my loud obnoxious bike over his 5000 dollar road bike. Fuck him ,but I did learn a valuable lesson. You can not spit with good aim or distance with a Bell Moto 8 on.

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