Thursday, July 4, 2013

Drool Drool Drool

Well if you are like me then you love seeing old junk. This 1940's Bsa girder is going on the Norton project and as I stripped all the layers of paint off I found all the old Brazing joints. So fucking cool how they used to do this with cast pieces and then sweat them all together. Ever seen a old Harley frame it is a thing of beauty for sure. It looks a little crude by todays TIG everything standards but there is something much more aesthetically pleasing knowing someone actually sat there with a torch and brazing rod 70 years ago and put this together. Been cleaning and prepping parts all week as well as throw together my swingarm roller. Got a front end, ordered some neck bearings, swingarm rebuild kit, and traded out for some shocks. Going to the blaster next week then I will get down to making it a Anchor bike. I'm thinking stroker tough guy bike but I think a street tracker type thing would also be a lot of fun. I keep thinking about bombing some dirt hills and jumping curbs just on a Harley. Dreams in one hand, Shit in the other.

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  1. Totally agree man . . . from an age that is all too frequently stolen from without any real thought for the finer points of went along with it. Love to see your interpretation of the tracker paradigm.