Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Days Out

  I can't say I got everything I may need but if I can't fix it with this stuff then I am gonna be fucked. I use all my past road side fixes and the possibilities of all the rest into account when putting this tool bag together. It is a mix of what I have to have and what weighs the least. The tail light went on today because the saddlebags I have on are covering the taillight and I needed to have at least a decent brake light. Easy as bolting it up and splicing it into the brake switch. When I get back just take it off. So fucking nervous but excited at the same time. I do think this will be the longest solo ride of my life and I am ready as I am gonna be. Here is the list
  Tools- Bought the biggest opening crescent wrench so I have at least one thing that do all the big stuff as well as be used as a hammer. You can see all the general stuff. Had to pack 2 1/2 wrenches so I can do my pushrods on the fly. One of each socket and then I run a bolt through them so they are getting lost in the bag. Etc Etc
  Misc crap. Light bulbs, hose clamps, nuts and bolts, zip ties, extra wire and some alligator clips. The multi meter is a must if you have road side electrical gremlins. The Harbour Freight one is cheap and very small and gets the job done. This little guy has been everywhere with me and still works like a champ. Extra spark plugs, points, and condenser. Spare head gasket and primary belt as well as some o-rings for a Shovelhead intake manifold. Tire spoons, patch kit and a small pump. After Tony had his tire issue on the road I do not go anywhere with out some spoons and patch kit. Small bicycle pump works killer and is tiny. 

I got all this stuff in two small chopper size tool bags. Both fit in one side of my saddle bags as well as a extra quart of oil. all that is left to do is pack some tshirts and go. See you all in a week or so.