Saturday, July 27, 2013

KKOA 2013

Just got in from the trip out to Salina. The Swiss Miss did killer, No issues at all. Well besides the color that is currently on it which is terrible. Soon to be remedied. So I love this show and look forwards to it every year. The only show I make a effort to drive my truck to. So in years past Salina is so fucking hot you have to decide if the show is worth possibly dieing for.  Friday night arethe drags and they were awesome as always. This year we woke up to a cloudy down right cold 58 degrees. Holy shit it was amazing and after a few laps we hauled ass back on Saturday afternoon. So check out the pics and now its time for Top 5
 Top 5 Reasons for getting a tattoo

Number 1. They are fucking permanent. Piercings are temporary, hair color washes out, wacky clothes get changed but a sweet gnarly tattoo on your hand is forever.

Number 2. They are totally cost effective. You will never, ever be able to spend that kinda money on anything ever in your life and get to keep it, your entire life.As well as a little bit after.

Number 3. You can think you are the only asshole with a original old school chopper tattoo. I damn well know I have the only Chopper Hermit on earth. 

Number 4. Mind over Matter. Tattoo's fucking suck. They hurt and anyone that says different is a liar. It feels like you won a world war after you get one. How much pain can you handle? Well get your throat done and you will find out my friends.

Number 5. You only live once. Fuck it right why think about the next twenty years when you can go get a blaster and be all happy for a day. Instant gratification at it's best. Even now right after I get a new piece I look at it for a week then never think about it again. On to the next one. Always in pursuit of the one that will make me a wizard.

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