Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Well we played a show last night so I am dragging ass this morning. I will just do a quick Top5 today. I've got walls to tear down today literally.

Top 5 things that still rule. 
Number 1. Goddamned choppers and all the bullshit that goes along with it. Hipster kids beware these fucking things can kill you. Old men beware these things will make you happy and to all us middle aged chopper guys lets just go for a ride and let all the weight of the day get laid to rest on the road. 

Number 2. Skateboarding still makes me feel young, well until I fall and then it makes feel really old. But that feeling of rolling is forever. Maybe that is why so many skateboarders ride motorbikes or vice versa. 

Number 3. Being a crusty old dude kinda rules. No one fucks with you, no one expects shit from you and you really don't care anyways. 

Number 4. The back porch on the new house totally rules. It is quiet and in the morning it is the best place to pound a cup of coffee. 

Number 5. Having a little Honda in my life has been pretty rad. I tend to baby my Harley's a little. I mean I ride them hard and fast but with the Honda I have been jumping off loading docks, riding in the hills, doing power slides all the kinds of shit I do not do on the choppers. I need a proper dirt bike.

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