Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dreams, Reality, and Top 5

Well this story starts about a year ago now. Noot has been telling me to go to Sturgis with him for years now so last year I said OK. The deal was I was gonna build a Big Twin and ride it there. Dreams at that point and fucking reality in two weeks. I have had to sell a bike, Buy a bike and hustle all kinds of work and parts to make this happen. Right this very minute I am having to scrape the lint out of my pocket and try and get the cash I need to actually go on this trip. Trips cost money and actually motorcycles cost money and time. I get people asking me all the time how I have what I have. Well the answer is I have BIG DREAMS and a lot of ambition. Bikes do not build themselves, trips do not just happen and money unfortunately does not fall out of my ass. With that said the reality of this whole deal is I have built the bike, I do have the day I leave, and all the other bullshit can go suck eggs. I have dealt with all the little shit and now the carb issue is the last little hiccup on the bike. Seriously just walked in from installing a S&S air filter set up and rejetted the carb for the umpteenth time. Been doing this weird hiccup and sneeze thing since the start and now two weeks out I have to get it dialed in. We shall see tomorrow I guess.I get inspiration for this motorcycle craziness from all over. Seeing people doing this very thing is one giant one. Sure it is fun but the fact that you can ride a piece of machinery thousands of miles and I have had my hand on every part, nut, bolt, bracket, line, cable really is the thing that speaks volumes. The Ironhead is the one bike I have always just jumped on and go. Dead nuts reliable and starts and goes every time. But you see it took me 4 years now of messing with it to get it there. The Shovelhead is like a 3 month old baby and I want it to leave for college, get it? Can't rush it but I am feeling the jitter and butterflies and on the Saturday I leave I will be a bag of nerves splitting like a atom bomb. 100 miles into it I will feel the overwhelming release of the stress and then it is just gas, ride, gas, ride, and nothing more. I like to get to the point I don't think anymore and just stare at the road like it is the arms of the world. I have waited a year for this and I am ready. 

Top 5 Saturday
1. New Still Corners Record
2. Girls with freckles
3. New S&S air Cleaners
4. Sleep
5.Hanging out with the boy.


  1. Unreal Anchorman, enjoy the journey and all that goes with it.