Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Oh Why?

Why didn't I just leave this bike alone. Just so happened to find these two pics of the 77 Ironhead that eventually ended up as Dave's digger. Well actually I just realized that this is Shea's bike, well the frame is. Fuck so out of this one bike there was born two. Sweet. Tank is on my Sportster and the narrowed fender is on Amber's bike. Front wheel ended up on Shea's 750 and the rear is on Jesse's Ironhead. How's that for product recycling. This thing was pretty killer to ride around . Super small and I loved the two 19's front and rear. I sold this 41 mm shaved front end and have regretted it ever since. So if you bought a 2 under 41mm front end with Mullins trees and would like to sell them back to me I am game just email me, Please. Wondering where this seat ended up. These pics are over two years ago. Time, where does it go?

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  1. I said 'leave the bike alone' . . . sure was sweet man.