Sunday, July 21, 2013


Oh so that is how my bike is supposed to run. Let me just be the first to admit the folks at S&S know more than I do. Like a lot more actually. This is not a drag bike or Hot Rod it was built to be a tractor. You know what tractors need? A fucking aircleaner and the correct jets in the carb. Let me just say I have never had this bike running like it is running right now. Idle is perfect and at all speeds and in between the bike is running flawless. Also with the correct jets and air cleaner I think my fuel consumption just about tripled. Not really but I bet I get another 20 miles out of that tank and that is like a whole extra reserve. Fucking awesome. Sure the thing is as big as my gas tank, sure everybody has one on there bike. You know why ?  Because the people at S&S know there shit. Being a chopper dude is lame some times. I hate the way it looks but for right now performance trumps fashion. 11 days till I shove off. Big thanks to Ed Bennett for hooking me up with the filter set up. I greatly appreciate it.

 Side note for all punk rock old guys. Check out the label on the old Revelation record. It fucking says write for catalog. This is how you found out about new music. You had to make a effort and search out this shit. It wasn't as easy as click and go service. Being a punk rocker meant you invested time and spent all your money on actual records because there were no Ipods or Itunes. Notice there is also no list of all there wack ass personal shit. No Face Fuck, Myspace, twitter, instajam, nothing. It just says write for catalog. I miss these days and if I had real wizard powers I would crash every cell tower and micro chip on earth and watch the youngsters fall apart. Sure I am sitting here on a computer but at least I am writing about how much I hate it. Oh wait I am just as bad. Fuck


  1. I'd shit can that S&S for a Lake or Walbro carb . . .

  2. Well shit then why not a Posa or Delorto to really ruin my trip. Fucking thing runs like a top now. Amazing