Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Funday

Well started the day off with Ian having a full blown temper explosion because he was hungry. He had already had first breakfast and was screaming about wanting another breakfast. Looks like a big guy laying on the ground. Big enough to get a ass whipping which is what he got right after this picture was taking. Anyways we had a much better day once we got to the shop. Skyjacked the sportster and started throwing some parts at the old girl. So far so good. Looks pretty much like what I am thinking. Started cutting all the extra bullshit off the frame and then got my Haifley Bros seat on the shovel. Pretty fucked up to spend 275 dollars on a seat then have to drill holes and tap some shit to get it to work. Of course this has nothing to do with the seat. Actually the seat is amazing and super comfy but when I built the seat hinge I had a home made pivot on the seat and with the new seat and a little bit taller springs that set up would not work. Whatever right after some fiddling, it works and is killer diller. Shea got to ride the shovel for the first time. Man he looked about as nervous as I did. A jockey shift bike is a little daunting the first time out but he rode it like a champ. As soon as he got back he said he has got the Jockey shift Shovel fever now. Yeah I know all about it. Norton stuff is still at the powdercoater and they are proving to be turds. Idle hands build swingarm bikes or something like that.

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