Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mercury Monterey

Had one of these many moons ago now. 390 V8 and a Breeze away back window that went up and down. Spotted this one outside of Weston Mo. Been going out and finding new places to get lost. 45 HWY goes out pretty far and is a nice ride. Follows the train tracks and the last ride I went on I ended up 60 miles from home and on fumes. Coasted down a hill and into a gas station. So Top5 Saturday is a fun one.
 Top 5 Things I Think About While Riding.

Number 1. Not getting run over
Number 2. Not running out of gas.
Number 3. Usually singing something like the Clash or something equally awesome
Number 4. Looking for cool shit on the side of the road. IE Mercury Montereys, Tools, Bikes, Junk, Tractors, etc etc
Number 5. Not getting run over.

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