Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Amazing Amazing Mindblowing Spits

Yeah I know this picture sucks but I had to at least try. Halloween night at the Record Bar. Seriously this was the best show I have paid to see all year. Opening band was Double Negative, then the Spits took the stage. I always describe them as the best trashiest punk band ever. I was blown away at how great they were live. Tight and well paced. So fucking good. Then OFF! blew the lid off. Ha I was so stoked to see Keith Morris still being for real. A true punks punk and for being in his 50's he could out scream me any day. Then there was today a brand new month and the weather was perfect and I am for real gonna get the motor back in the shovel head. . Had a crazy good afternoon at the shop and ran a bunch of errands. My son turned three today and he is super funny. He keeps saying wheres my birthday?  So check out all three bands and by Saturday the shovel will be looking damn near done.

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