Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whats Better.........

Well whats better then Christina, cavemen motorcycles and a pile of Dice rags? The first motorcycle swap of the season. Thats what. So Shea and I headed out about 6:30 in the am to scope out the goodies and promote the show next week. Scored all these Dice rags off of Tony as well as a ton of nick knacks. 
The list:
2x 5" inch chopper fenders
1 cool ole' timey 1 ton press
1 near new 530 o ring chain
1 Panhead oil bag pre' 58 style
15 Dice mags
1 Greasy Kulture
2 Vintage Motorcycle awards to give out at our show
1 set of fork seals for 39mm
Chrome split riser
1 Sportster rear caliper
Think that about does it. Went and rode the shovel and had quite the adventure. We took of from the shop and Shea's bike was acting like a turd. Condenser fail  so we swapped it out then hit the road. Did a few miles on the highway with the shovel. I kept it under 55 so I wasn't pushing it at all. Have to say it did killer. On the way back Shea's bike decided to lock up the throttle so it would not turn and then in one more moment the ground wire decided to jump off. So all in all a fucking great day. Saw all my swap meet friends that I don't get to see all winter and get a pile of treats. Got reading material for the next month. Yes

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  1. chopper parts on the cheap,mags,blah blah blah.Who in the fuck is the Red Head?Incredible