Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chopper Mags Are Best......

Here are a few pages out of the Chopper rags Justin let me paw thru. So many cool fucking bikes and articles. I love the fact that the Tech articles are written in cave man tongue. Like "Take larger Hammer and Make Square Piece Fit Into Round Much Smaller Hole". Funny shit. I honestly think the last few pages are the best. Carl Morrow had a little section at the end for all things drag racing. Had all the top fuel bike E.T's and how was beating the pants off who month in and month out. So fucking cool. Anyways don't bother looking for any of these unless your rich or dumb. Maybe you are rich and dumb and if thats the case buy these and send them to me as a gift you rich asshole.


  1. Leo Payne built and raced the Turnip Eater. Better correct that quick ! Carl was from So. Cal back then . . . Leo was from Iowa where all the cool shit happens . . .

  2. Yep you right I was reading a Leo section and wrote the wrong dude. Chopper demerit for me. Got my stuff today. Good times this weekend.