Saturday, April 13, 2013

Top 5 And Saying Goodbye.......

Well seems like every year as soon as the weather gets good you start hearing about people dieing on there bikes. Sorry to say Buddy Bronson a local badass and all around cool guy got creamed last Tuesday. The man lost his wife and daughter two years ago to a drunk driver and then gets killed on his Harley by a hit and run motherfucker. I hope they find the guy/girl and string them up and quarter them. So last night some of the club guys went to his wake and paid our respects along with like 500 other friends and family. Anyone that ever knew him loved him and his bigger then life attitude was what I liked about him. He was at the car show every year and always helped promote. He is survived by his two two sons and granddaughter. So with that I will do my top 5 about motorcycle safety and truths. 

Number 1. MOTORCYCLES ARE FUCKING DANGEROUS.There is no way around that simple statement. One wrong move or one careless action and you are gonna get hurt. Think about it.

Number 2. Know your motorcycle and its limitations. I know how long it takes to stop, go, turn, accelerate past a truck etc etc. Know the scrub line of how far you can lay your bike over in the twisties. And in a accident situation know how to get the fuck off your bike in a hurry. I have had to go through lawns, hedges, split in between parked cars, jump curbs , what ever I had to do to avoid an accident. I know my bike like it is one of my limbs and I know what it is capable of.

Number 3. Old Ladies, Young Ladies, old people, pot holes, teenage black folks, school buses, big rigs, white brown yellow tan pale people, all should be taking as if they are trying to kill you. What I am saying is they don't give a shit if they even had a choice. Car versus motorcycle the car is always gonna win period. Buddy got t boned in a intersection by someone that ran a red light and then just split. There was nothing he could have done. Faster then a blink he was dead. Blink

Number 4. There is a time and place to ride like a asshole. Around town I ride very nice and very aware of my surroundings. I look forward to getting out of town and letting loose. Long open stretches of highway are the places to ride like a maniac. Around town I ride like I am at war with ever car and crack head out there. Fuck everybody and if they ran my ass over they wouldn't care so if I have to yell, scream bloody fucking murder at them, buzz there open window with a giant whack of the throttle to get there attention I do it. I have been riding with the headlight on as well just to help all the retards see me.

Number 5. Life or death is the choice you make every time you ride. Some dudes can't handle that some can. Some ride like there life isn't worth the gas they have in there tank. I love motorcycles more then food I think and that is why I want to be riding as long as this crusty old ass will let me. There are guys that have been riding for years and never had a accident and then there are the damn fools that have used up all the get out of jail free cards you know. Yes this is a heavy topic but with some skills on your wheels and the ability to see and deal with situations out of your control you will ride a very long time. Enjoy the good weather and I wish you all to never lose anybody on the road.


  1. Really sorry to hear about your friend Anchorman, it sucks even harder in that situation . . . nice top five buddy, same perspective as mine, keep your shit wired tight at all times, treat every fucker as a mobile chicane. Brake setup looks the boobies mate, brass highlights are perfect. Stay safe man.

  2. RIP Buddy, and WOW (Words of Wisdom) thanx man!