Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Cleaner.......

Today was the first truly nice day we have had since Nov. So heat cycled Drews bike 5 times and did all the tweaking to get it road worthy. Starts first kick and sounds mean. Nothing sounds as good as a really tight motor. Went over every part of the bike except the front end. Guess what is not worth a fuck? The front ends is basically rigid do to the fork legs binding up because of the rake, and just being used and abused. Not gonna deal with them unless he wants me to. I would buy a different frame and go stock rake but he likes the chopper glory and honestly it rode alright if you like your prostate touching your tonsils. Got the crack pipe out and rode it on the highway with the new carb. I think it needs a good cleaning but does killer around town. Moved all the bikes out of the shop and did a proper cleaning corners and all. Looks kinda neat with all the Harleys, a Norton and One Honda just chilling out.

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  1. Hey Ricky, we met a few weeks ago at the Donnie Smith show in the cities right when you and Noot got to the show. Is that your 5 window Econoline? I have a '61 5 window myself. Great blog man...will be sure to follow!