Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Talking To Me......

Well I have been doing body work on the 51 so I can get the roof painted for the season ahead. Think the bottom is gonna be Satin black and the roof is gonna be all the above. Just go crazy style and use Candy Apple Red and Pagan Gold with the trim done in lime green borders. I think it will look killer. The hard part is just getting the sanding and prep done. Maybe another week or two I will be spraying material. Shovel has got about 50 miles on it at this point with out any other hiccups. I love this bike more than I even could have imagined. The ones that fight you tooth and nail are the keepers in the long run.

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  1. Glad the shovel is putting a smile to your face. All the struggle was definitely worth it! I think the idea's you have for the truck will look killer. Im really starting to dig the 48-52 ford trucks. Had a 51 and 53 chevy but lately really starting to dig the fords. An ironhead and new pickup are definitely in my future. Stay safe