Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

I forgot to mention that this little Blog just rolled over 100,000 visitors so I think a big thank you is in order. Every once in a while some one will write me from somewhere crazy and I am always glad they are amused, inspired, into what ever I have going on. Mostly they just want more redhead bombs dropped. So Top 5 today will be Why Do I Do This Fucking Blog Thing.

Number 1. Free Looks and Free Thinking. I don't think I get a lot of business from this blog but it does trickle in. Someone that wants a real bike built with no hoorah will keep me in mind and when they get to that point they can get a hold of me and that is great. Mostly I am like a chopper hot line and get all kinds of people wanting free advice and ideas. I should just start a chopper building hotline and cash in a 1 dollar a minute.

Number 2. There Is More To The Blog Then Ripped Off Pictures. I don't know if it is just the fact that the shop and my personal life are so intertwined that I feel I should share everything. Besides being ate up over bikes, cars, trucks, music, redheads, chopper history and the depths of my crazy. I let you into how I talk, think, hate, love and all the in betweens. If you don't like my bikes then you will not like me I am sure. I say what I want and stand behind what I say. I put myself out there and with the bikes I think they speak for themselves. They look good, run good ,and are ready for the season to begin. The weather has been shit.

Number 3. Late Bloomer My Hole Life. The Blog world was already peaked when I started this one. I had had two bikes in The Horse and had just moved into my first real shop space and thought I could get the word out that I was open. It worked, people took notice and I had the ball in my court. I knew from the get go that I needed to update the fucking thing a lot so folks would come back and check it. Over the last 4 years I feel like I have actually made some friends just through blog wormholes. I still find it funny when I haven't seen someone in awhile and we start talking and they say " Yeah I read your blog everyday so I know whats going on". I always feel vindicated and a little weirded out. 

Number 4. So Much More. I know that when I get sucked into the wormhole of wasting time I want to see more and read more then just reposted dribble. I will show a bike or two if I am impressed and feel like others would enjoy it. Most times I post that stuff so I can find it again easily. Like my own archive of sorts. If you like a bike I've built or owned then here it is. You can go back now 4 years and see all kinds of stuff that has had my hands on it.You may be bored and want to look up some music I have talked about that is also here forever.

Number 5. It Keeps Me Sane, Kinda.  I rant, yell, love, explain, fume, try and understand, build, destroy, hustle, plan, execute, all in front of the world so you might be inspired to do the same. Thanks from the Anchorman.

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