Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Gonna Lie.........

Yeah after the 4th heat cycle I had checked that it is charging which it is, checked that the oil pump is pumping and then pushed the clutch in and slapped the shifter into first and off I went. Not gonna lie I was scared a little to just take off never really riding with a jockey shift set up. Easy peasy I was handling it with in the first mile. The trick is to have it into neutral before you stop. I usually roll stop everything so this system should work out fine. It rides killer and even better then I thought it would. Tranny shifts smooth and the clutch works perfect. Checked that the belt was not walking all over and I am going to put some real miles on it tomorrow. The Michael Geltz paint REALLY POPS out in the sun. Dazzling


  1. It is a total credit to you mate, perseverance and dedication giving an unreal result. If you're thinkin I'm inspired, you're right, I am. Huge congrats buddy, bravo.

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  3. Thanks WLP Hope you use this to get yours rolling. I will say that there is a certain sound these make that is like Heroin, every time I went to ride it around the block I got happier and felt like I had just indeed won WW3. I do know that this is the last bike I build for myself for a long while. Empty pockets and filled up heart. Love this bike