Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking For A Reason To Believe.......

Guess what folks it is gonna be 70 degrees tomorrow and you know what that means. Riding in a t-shirt hot damn. So I will go get some miles on the 77 of Drews and then take the crack pipe out for a spin. I put some new bars and a S&S Super E on her last week and let me just say Accelerator Pumps are SICK. So now you are going to hear me wacka wacka all over the place. Pulled a wheelie today not even trying. Good times and I will sing some boss songs as I travel along the road. Hope all you fine folks have a running motorcycle and the need to clear your head. I know I do. Justin lets make this happen I almost shit when I saw all those rags.


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  2. I forgot what I wanted to say . . . Something on the order of . . . Have Fun and Look Out for Sand on the corners . . .