Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top 5 Saturday......

Well just like a blink it is my daughters birthday today. She is 9 and almost to big for me pick up anymore. She is a very smart arty type girl and she has been turning into her own little person. So shop stuff went well and Drews bike is fully operational and I will hopefully get it dropped off today. Noot is plugging away on the shovel stuff and I am gonna pull the S&S off the sporty to clean it real good and maybe rejet it as well. So Top 5 memories from my childhood.

Number 1. It was sunny and a little chilly the first time I rode my bicycle. I will always remember the feeling of flying and being free. My mom ran behind me for a bit then just let go and let me ride alone. I now know with my own kids what it feels like to let them have little victories and let them taste freedom as well. 

Number 2. I think I was 5 or so and my dad had come back around for a minute or so. He was a truck driver that week and he took me to work with him for the day. We talked on the CB radio and ate terrible food like a real truck driver. He had to drop a load of something at a oil plant and I stood on a giant pile of gravel and threw rocks off into the abyss. One of the last times I saw him for a few years. 

Number 3. First real kiss was at 12 and it was from the neighborhood redhead. I'm telling you honestly and brutally truthfully I have had this redhead thing since day one. Anyway there she was all cute and silly and we hid in her back yard and dared each other to kiss. I thought it was still kinda gross but I knew that at that very minute everything I thought I knew about girls had just been flipped on its fucking head. It's been all down hill from that warm summer afternoon. It was awkward and like smashing two heads together rather then kissing but I tried and she was so cute I had to try you know what I mean. Well over the next few weeks she ended up kissing damn near every boy in the neighborhood. Got my second lesson in the way of girls. They can and will rip your fucking heart out if you let them.

Number 4. First job was a real eye opener. Being that my brother and I were being raised by my mom alone I would say we were pretty broke. So up to the point where I got my first job I only had what I needed. She did a great job but for a young teenage kid I needed some shit. Like punk rock clothes and new skateboards not to mention records. So I worked with a family friend all summer and saved all my money so I could save up for car. I was 14 and knew at 16 I needed a cool car. Well let me just say by the end of summer I was just as broke as the beginning but I had some fun. Bought myself a new bike, skateboard, vans and started my thrift store shopping ritual. I remember buying bags of cool plaid shirts for like 5 bucks. Dickies for 1 dollar and then just hacking them off at the knee for shorts. 

Number 5. The day I moved out on my own. I was 18 and had just graduated high school. God that was 22 years ago now and even the thought of it makes my head hurt. I knew I was gonna fuck off that summer but to what degree I had no idea. Mom said I needed a job if I was going to stay at home and pay her rent so I said F that if I'm paying rent I am moving out. One of the scariest times in my life and it was something I had to do. From that moment on I did all kinds of crazy shit from living with 6 people in a 2 bedroom apartment  to sleeping in a friends car just so I could stay on my own. Had a ton of shit jobs and generally just wasted the best years of my life. For a short time I was free and honestly living in the world not letting the world own me. Fuck

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