Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In The Trenches, Behind The Radar, One Step Ahead, Two Steps Behind.......

 I use all these terms to describe how I live my life. See I know that I am in the middle of the country. As for a bike scene there is not one to speak of so that is all I can say right. I have my little shop and I keep myself busy knowing full well that I am on a island far away from anyone that gives a shit. My personal bikes are built with almost no time or money restraints so the end product is top notch. I will sell, work, barter, hustle anything my bikes need so the end result is what I envisioned and followed through. As for my customers I don't think I have had a single one that has handed over a blank check and said " Go Ape Shit Like You Would Do If It Was Yours". Fuck why not. Seems like most of my customers are young and broke but want a cool bike to ride. So when the fad burns out 5 years from now on the coast and all the midwest hipster kids want Period Correct bikes I am gonna still be here doing what I do and loving it. Same goes for my music. I have never been in a band that has been big. Like record deal, touring non stop, fucking money. I truly think doing it down and dirty keeps the soul in it. If you are handed shit then you don't respect it. Being a aging punk rocker does have its advantages I just can't remember any right now because I'm so old. What I am really trying to say is I couldn't care less if I am known or not known all I do know is I do what I do and if people notice my bikes, my music ,or even the ability to make beautiful children then I am stoked. As my vision for building motorcycles gets more refined , my ability to actually build them also grows. I have pretty much giving up on painting and really would like to just focus on the build up of a motorbike. Rock solid fab work and style for miles. Another Anchor asshole service message.

As a side not my show is about a month out so please check out the side bar and make a effort to show up. Same deal as always a down a dirty Vintage Iron Show.


  1. Hear, hear . . . respect buddy, don't change a thing.

  2. Same feeling here...Like have stated before. I have nothing but crazy respect for what you do and stand for Ricky. Im grateful for what you bring to Kansas City. I have so much damn respect for a person who builds and fixes what he rides. I can honestly say I have rode bikes that other people have built. Honestly, It never felt quite right..like I was shacked down a bit..still not all the way free. If I ride again..I want to know I can fix the damn thing when it decides to shit on me. You have that gift..and to me it is a gift. Keep doing what you are doing. Between the Anchor and Justin's Wild Childs shop...Im proud to call Kansas City home. Some cool shit going on right here in the middle of no where!

  3. Pays to play, man; check that link.


    That one night, I was supposed to drop by your place and broke down - I was gonna surprise you all. Since then, I've scrounged the 1967, all of 1968, & 1969. Still haven't been able to find time away from workin', at a reasonable hour, but I'll be in touch. Hats off, man; just wanted to extend some overdue appreciation.