Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Junk For Sale

 One of my buddies in the club has a 72 Ironhead Stroker motor and a pile of parts for sale. Motor is complete from Carb to Generator. Came out of running bike and I think the pile of parts is everything but a frame. He wants around 2000.00 for all of it. If you are interested hit me up and I will pass his number along. If I wasn't having to rebuild my rebuilt shovel motor I would have already bought all this stuff. Damn the luck

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  1. Damn...why don't treasures ever surface when I have the bread?! Hey ever watched a movie called THE HARD RIDE? I caught this 1971 biker flick on netflicks last night. Typical cheesy plot but the bikes are killer! To my surprise they actually have quite a few old bike movies on netflicks from the late 60's..anyway just thought I would let you know.