Friday, April 5, 2013

Wild Child Bomb Drops.........

Justin Greene son of the OG Kansas City Wild Child dropped off a little treat for me tonight. Holy Shit almost every copy of Roths Choppers Magazine. I have seen a few of these but never in this good of shape and so many. The flier is from Wild Childs first show in KC in 1967. So freaking cool along with a shirt from the shop. I promised to be extra careful and you can guess what I'll be doing in all the free time I have for the next week or so. We talked about how timeless these bikes were and how out there they are. These guys rode these bikes which seems insane to me. Pretty neat stuff and I posted a picture of Sonny Rogers with my boy from World Of Wheels so now I have the bike that was in Choppers from 1968. Crazy. Justin is super legit and has a good head on his shoulders. This is probably one of the coolest things ever. Thanks Justin.. Lots of KC bikes from the era as well as articles written by David Mann and surrounding areas. Lots of club bikes and there are a couple of how to books as well that Roth put out. So insane that some of these are 45 years old and the bikes look so perfect. Choppers are forever and as basic as breathing.

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  1. Oh Man!! Seriously cool! That was very cool of Justin. Im jealous!!!