Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Heads and Home Made Tools...........

Well about the only thing better then sleep is getting my shovel stuff back from Noot. It looks so good I don't want to get the valves all dirty with carbon. Nah I really want to get them all dirty. Should have done this 6 months ago but live and learn. Had to make these tools so I could torque the base bolts and the heads down. Took one old used wrench and cut it in half, then welded two 1/2 inch drive sockets on said halves. I just saved myself a small fortune and with a little bit of patience got the whole top end done in about a hour.  These Big Twins are  quite a bit different then Ironheads even how they go together so I feel a little out of my element but a learning curve is just that. Next time it will go a lot easier I think. Should be kicking on it by the weekend look out for updates.

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  1. Fuck man, those heads look bewdiful, dig the wee tool as well.