Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 In The Books and 2013 Is Unwritten!

 Never been a big New Years Resolution kinda guy. I live the life I want and don't really feel like there is much I should resolve. Wait just a minute I do have all kinds of shit I need to resolve. It just so happens I need to finish my bike, get back to work on customers bikes, listen to more records, stop building bikes for myself, stop making girls cry, find a new day job, open a proper bike shop, spend more time with my kids, sell my house, move into a better house, stop cutting my beard, read more books, stop trying to juggle twenty things at once, listen to my heart more, stop thinking so much, stop wanting to be a hermit, and most of all never ever under any circumstance think I can have it all.
 2012 was for all intents and purpose a completely shit year. Lost Todd and Bunt, took no long trips, been pretty broke all year and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I am not so much into wallowing in the shit but after a year like this one I am looking forward to the over night wash out and on to the next. Is it possible to wake up on 010113 and all the things that are frayed  in my life are fixed. No fucking way in hell it is but the positive action of the date change means there is a better days ahead. Love so deep you drown in it and live so loud anyone around you goes deaf. Make no excuses for being a asshole and on my death bed that is when I hope I find peace. Up till then I will fight the good fight and listen to Black Flag Everything Went Black over and over again. Its Henry free so its great!

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  1. Some of that wish list, the personal shit, won't ever happen man, you is what you is,if folk don't 'get it', fuck em . . . as for the other things, sincere good luck with the shop, the job, the kids, the rides, the house, the heart, don't sweat the rest. You should get that line 'love so deep deep you drown in it, live so loud anyone around you goes deaf' [or 'live so loud it deafens you'?] inked somewhere, great quote for sure. The Flag, pre Hank the Wank, always worthy dude.