Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pave the World....

So I can ride every where. I love road trips more then I can even explain. There is something about the planning, building of the bike, saving dollars, and then the big push off. I always have that butterfly feeling the day before a long ride. The "what if's" are now banging heads with the "get going" in my brain. This year was kinda a bust but next year is gonna more then make up for it. I think I have three trips in the works and if all else fails I am gonna just go see Noot and Michael a lot. So the middle pic is from the New Mexico trip in 2010. We sat here in the road trying to fix Tony's rear tire forever. It got fixed a day later but this spot in the road was amazing. The highway was like glass and we all had a great ride. Honestly on the way home we straight shot rode from Santa Rosa NM to KC in one day. Like 700 miles with some break downs and bolts falling out etc etc. One of the raddest most brutal days in my life. I think I wadded up a motel towel or two in a Anchor tshirt then duct taped the whole thing down on my seat. It helped for about an hour then brutal times for the other 15 hours. The spring bolts in the seat pan had ripped through the pan on the way out and had giving me two fairly good size bruises on my ass. So there was no way around it. Just cringe and scream at every bump in the road. Same shit as the Cali trip the Ironhead regulator took a shit on me. Bought a battery in the middle of the day and once it got dark no lights. Shit! So I followed Matt and Tony a couple hundred miles with no lights and I had to be ripping to keep the bike running. Regulator was only putting out about 3-4 volts while running about 2500 rpm. So the battery was dead but the bike would stay running. Good Times and I wish I could go right now. Supposed to be almost 70 tomorrow so I think I will go and throw down a couple hundred just for fun.

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  1. Nice blurbing Anchorman, still reading, still listening, just pulling back on the comments. Take it easy over there.