Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tonight Tonight At Daveys Uptown Ramblers Club

So The Big Iron is playing tonight at Daveys. If you are around or in KC show starts about 10. The Almighty Bloodshot Bill is playing as well. Bloodshot Bill is the best Rockabilly in the world for the last 50 years. I am VERY picky about rockabilly. I do not like any fake ass pretty boy fluff weak ass shit. I don't like Pyscho billy either.  I truly believe Bill is the best and he does it all by himself. Plays drums and plays geetar at the same time as howling, growling, yelling and wailing songs about girls, booze and chicken fried steak. To see it live is to witness the last true rock and roll troubadour. As for the Big Iron I will just use the quote from Rolling Stone. 
" The Big Iron are the last true Punk Rock band on earth. They don't care if you like them, love them, hate them and that is where they want to stay. All the members have direct descendents to Mexican revolutionaries, Vikings, Cavemen, and a clan from Ireland that led every revolt for the last century. How does a band like this prosper in Kc". Well the answer is we never play out and the rare occasion means you should take full advantage and come witness a full on religious revival and a massacre all at the same time. We are old, mean , and don't give a flying two fisted fuck and that is why we prosper. Show starts at 10 ish. Don't forget to dress to impress you Rockabilly glamour pusses.

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