Monday, December 24, 2012

Shop Day...

Well spent most of the day wrangling cars around the shop so I could get my 51 down to the shop. Gonna blow it apart and get the thing finished up for real this time. New color of primer and new wheels and tires. Redo all the brake lines and that should do it for awhile. Got some more parts cleaned and helped Shea get some stuff together for his 750 that is sold. It was 18 degrees today and absolutely brutal to to be down at the shop. I end up dragging a space heater about 10 inches away from my ass all over the shop. Ass sweating while your knee caps are frozen. I hate the midwest. I don't think I have gone into my love of girls in cowboy boots. I DO NOT like cowgirls but more the look of trashy rock and roll girls in trashy tore up boots. This painting sums it up magically. I wish I could paint, I would paint just like mister Toombs

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