Sunday, December 16, 2012

Larry Watson Skills

It is hard to top Larry Watson when it comes to paint. He of course is world famous for paint on the Grapevine( The car pic). It is my favorite Chevy ever in the history of custom cars. He is not so well known for painting bikes. So here are some examples of his work. So killer and I am looking for some inspiration for the Sportster. Got the tank in primer and need to sand it next time I am down at the shop. Next will be the frame, oil bag and fender. Got the frame and fender at the blaster Thursday and should have them back tomorrow I hope. Went a got a new front tire ordered and dropped the rim off so it can get mounted and balanced. I fucking hate taking off and mounting tires. Plus I don't have a good way to balance them except the ghetto way. It's the one luxury I use is letting some other smuck cuss and scream while wrestling a tire on. It actually saves me time and at this point I need as much as possible. The paint is gonna take at least a solid week if I worked 40 hours straight on it. So at 2-3 hour increments it will take a month. Fuck then I still have to put it back together. Nose to the grind stone while juggling every other thing in my life. I embrace the stress and hold it against my chest tight enough to strangle the life out of it. As a little side story Larry's shop was about 15 miles from my house in high school. Me and my friends would just cruise by and see what he had going on. He was always cool to us and he would ask why we wanted to drive old crusty shit. He still was around until the early 90's until he closed shop. Anyways he was cool and had skills so deep that you'd be better off starting off in Japan to find the other end. RIP

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