Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Once again I am sitting here pondering what to jabber about. So I have been on a big Surf music kick lately. I go through phases weekly and since I get to listen to music all day I have to bounce around a little or I get burnt out. So Top 5 reasons to listen to Surf Music.

Number 1. You Can't Hate It. I truly have never met a single person ever that did not like Miserilou from Dick Dale. They might not of known it was him but when Pulp Fiction came out ever asshole in the world went and bought that soundtrack. It really is happy music and along with visions of beach bunnies dancing in the sand it makes me think of Cali. 

Number 2. The Sound. I like analog music. Guitar, Bass, Drums, and I'm pretty happy. My ears really like the sound of reverb and twang. I like fast music and up till this point in music history music was very mid tempo. I like to imagine some 14 year old kid in 1960 hearing that sound coming through there 5 dollar turntable. Just like explosions of reverb and jungle beats splattering there brain on the floor. 

Number 3. The Beach Boys. I won't go into a lengthy explanation about the how great they are or how when I was a kid I would dream about being in the Beach Boys. Sure only Dennis surfed but some how they captured all the So Cal mystic in there music. Hot Rodding, chasing girls, falling in love, falling out of love, beach parties, riding motorcycles. Man it is all there. There Pet sounds record transcends all genres as we know it and they surpassed the surf band label.

Number 4. With out Surf There Would Be No Garage Bands. As most bands of the time latched onto the instrumental/surf genre. The first throws of garage music emerged. Add a fuzz pedal and some caveman style vocals and you have some PUNK ROCK fucking music. That is how things progress. The Beatles landed and the old style make out music had to change. Kids grew there hair out, Started a band in there parents garage and the makings for all things punk grew out of the mold from basements across the country. All the main punk rock icons like Iggy, MC5, The Sonics,all got there start playing surf music then transforming that into High Energy Rock and Roll.

Number 5. Matching Outfits. I have always liked when a band looks like a band. Fancy outfits, matching equipment, synchronized moves. Love all the stuff. Yeah it's cheesy but for a kid that grew up watching only punk bands that idea of looking like brothers is the shit. That is why the Ramones always fascinated me. They had the uniform down and never changed the look. EVER. Rocket From The Crypt did it for a little while and I loved it, They had a class and swagger that was unmatched at the time in the 90's hell of music. When you went to see them you might have paid 15 dollars to get in but they played there ass of for that money. The Music Machine had the best look ever with full black outfits with black gloves like they were ready to kill somebody or play some punk rock.

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  1. Anchorman, do yourself a big fat one and look up The Raybeats . . . early 80's with a real cool sixties, Dick Dale inspired feel, plus some dark elements you'll dig . . . hopefully.