Saturday, December 8, 2012

Horley and the Blow Up!

Saturday at the shop. Jesse came down and beat the shit out of a Honda tank to get it to fit on the Ironhead. He has a good idea of what the outcome will be I am just guiding him on how to do it. I will be real happy when this bike is out of my life though. Three people have owned it as it has sat in my shop. Horse trading indeed.While helping out Jesse I got the new oil tank mocked up and then blew the bike apart. gonna go ahead and just totally redo the whole bike. It's just time and not to much money right? I know the answer I am just in denial right now. Model A fender, 3 quart oil tank, better lo cal for the oil filter. Polish the motor up and change out all the leaky gasket surfaces. This bike isn't really bad on leaks but I have noticed some goo spots on the rocker boxes, and the primary. Lots of cleaning is gonna take place and I a really leaning towards a mellow grey paint scheme. No Metal flake, and just keep it all mono tone. Then run some line of orange and white over the grey. Sounds Good

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