Sunday, December 16, 2012

Japanese American Japanese Style

I have made it some kind of personal goal to get to the Yokohama show some time in this life. I would prefer to have them pay for my bike to be shipped over but most likely I will be paying my way. So killer the bikes these guys are turning out. But on the flip side I only am showing the bikes I like. There were quite a few that are terrible and nothing but show fodder. I think the parking lot is where all the good shit is . Staring at  these pictures I started into a tirade about the Japanese buying up all our bikes and then building cooler shit then most. What is going to happen when we have to start buying Ironhead parts back from the island. Fuck I hope I don't live that long. Prices are already getting retarded. Old men have found ebay and if not there shitty kids have. In my life time there will be no more barn finds, NOS chopper parts, AEE sissy bar stashes, etc etc. Sucks

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