Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sketchy Stuff..........

Well tried the 5th set of bars in two days. You see the problem is you have to cut the bars in half and then even narrow them up to work in the risers. So these buckhorns, Z bars and drag bars are all now in the scrap bin. Whatever makes me happy right? Gonna try and find some 6-8 rise buckhorns tomorrow. These are 10 inch rise and are a little to tall. Decided to redo the struts on the fender. Cut up the sissy bar and took the license plate/tailight off and HOLY SHIT there were a lot of holes underneath them. I think that is 3 sissy bar moves and two different P pads worth of wholes plus the new Ppad. Ridiculous shit for sure. So redoing the struts and am gonna shorting the fender to get rid of the swiss cheese. 65 out today so I went for a little ride to try out the bars. Pretty awesome just a tad to tall. Ok kids new bars tomorrow.

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  1. Love the stance of this bike Ricky! I agree with you..6-8 buckhorns would do the trick. Im diggin the buckhorns over the Z bars for sure. Have not commented in awhile...but believe me, I stop by daily to see what you got cookin'! Love this blog for sure.