Sunday, December 23, 2012

Le Super Freak Revisited

So if the devil is in the details then this is Satan himself. Chopper Daves Superfreak is one of my favorite bikes of all time. I liked it in the first forms but this is the one. Just like that one fucked up dream that you have over and over again. When ever I have the need to feel inspired or am looking for a idea this bike can help. There are few bikes out there that have all the right parts and then actually be put together the correct way. Frame, pipes, bars,front end, wheels, etc etc. Killer. I have been cleaning all my Sportster parts and am awaiting the powder coated parts. Gonna be fucking awesome and I love putting shit back together. Clean, assemble, clean ,assemble, over and over till its done. Did not crack the motor open so I don't have to worry about break in miles. Just bolt the the last thing on wire it and go. Can't wait. Drool Drool Drool

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  1. 110% agree, top ten of the last ten for sure. Lucero rocks . . . have a good Christmas with your family man, cheers.