Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry F-ing Christmas

Just in case you have not been brow beat with Christmas shit here I go. I was raised in a cult basically so I never had a xmas until I was 13. Who cares at that point. But since having children I can see why and how Christmas is good and fun. My kids are basically jumping out of there own skin for the next two days. I can't wait for the day to be over. So as I am a music snob and I like it that way I thought I could post some xmas songs that are not terrible. We went to the mall and I was crawling out of my skin having to hear the shit they had playing. I want to say I heard a hip hop version of sleigh bells and that was it. The Pogues song is an all time favorite of mine as well as the others. Starflyers version of" Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas" was done perfect, slow and moody and I would listen to it all year as well as the Happy Holiday song. So with that I will just say with all the terrible shit that went down this year I am grateful for my friends, family and motorcycles. So all you fucked up people out there I hope you are in love with something/someone, happy, content, warm and fuzzy. I am being as sincere as I get and that is your gift from the Anchor. 


  1. Fuck you man !!! I was not gonna comment again today but you went and done this, appreciate the insight into your personal history, love all the tunes, alternate Top Five Chrissy tunes for sure, watch out for happiness buddy, it's a motherfucker, ha ha ha.