Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well It Is Here....

That is the first snow of the year is here. Fuck I hate snow. Had one of the most terrifying drives to work ever this morning. I don't worry about me its all the other dumb fucks out on the roads. So went and picked up my new tire and set the front end back up. Man I love these tires and I can buy 3 of them for the cost of a Speedmaster. Yes indeed tires can make or break a bike and this just made it. As a side super fucked up note as I was painting my stuff last night I have come to the conclusion I FUCKING HATE PAINTING. It just makes me love the people that do and can do it well. I had some kind of crazy chemical reaction and add to the mix it was still to cold in my shop to be painting. My fault and I guess if I was more prepared it would of gone smoother. So all my stuff is now getting blasted again and powder coated Gloss Black. I loved the last bike Shea bought so now I will have a all black bike that is gonna look SWEEEEETTT. Especially with this new tire. Its just money right?

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