Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reading History, Saturday Top 5

Seeing that I did not get into Hardcore until 86 I was at the very tail end of the real deal 80-86 years of hardcore. I am about half way through this gem. Went and saw the movie but now I am reading many words. So far I'd say it is the definitive book about those crucial years. I however do not agree with about half of what the author has to say. He seems like a arrogant prick and was most likely on the side lines while the others were in the trenches if you know what I mean.I was always in the school of Punk and Hardcore is the same and different all at the same time. I never really fit in with the Mohawk punks and I really did not fit in with the jock mentality of hardcore. So I found a nice easy way of just being me and that is the key. Out of all the super ultra mega punk kids I grew up with I am the only one that even remotely is still truly punk. Well as punk as a old man can be I guess. I looked up to these bands and used there lyrics like the bible. It was good for me to find Straight Edge and I have never thought once of breaking. Don't care what others do and that is why I am comfortable in this old man skin. Seems to be a true time in American music when kids literally made there own scene. And then promptly destroyed it but that is the way of the world. Gonna have a crazy weekend so here is the ultra early Saturday Top 5 Hardcore records in my eyes.

Number 1. Bad Brains S/T. So this record is so brutal I can still remember the first time I heard it and I had run over my jaw on the ground. I had never in all my days heard something so fast and amazing. I went to the local record store and found a copy on tape and went about wearing that tape out that summer of 86. I still could not believe that they were 4 black guys making this insane music. I had only seen maybe a few real life black people in the 13 years I had been on earth. I damn well new 4 dudes from DC that made music like this was a rare thing indeed. It did not matter that they were black and I don't think it would matter if they were green and from XXX!@#@#. Who cares they made the finest music in the history of Hardcore.

Number 2. Minor Threat- Life changer for sure. Super fast songs and the lyrical content my little brain could understand. I hated everything in my life at the time I got this record. They made me feel part of a movement and not like a alien in my town. About this time I really got into skateboarding and through that I met some friends that shared the same interest. We'd all lie and sneak out and skate all night. We had this shitty little boom box and we always fought about who was gonna have to go steal batteries for the damn thing. Summers were wasted skating, swimming, and listening to Minor Threat.

Number 3. Negative Approach- Tied Down LP- This my friends is by far the heaviest most pist off of the lot. John Brannon is the best screamer in the world ever! Ever band he has ever been in is amazing and that is now going on 25 years. The Tied Down LP is about the most perfect record for anyone the has the ability to hate. Ready To Fight is a anthem for every kid about to get his ass kicked. The music is raw and really simple which is how it should be. The Bad Brains could play there instruments and the songs showed it. With Negative Approach it was more about getting the songs to beat you about the head and shoulders. While you laid there bleeding the next songs is already to stomp you again.Check Out Easy Action and the Laughing Hyenas. Two other John Brannon Bands and both are just as good.

Number 4. Black Flag -Jealous Again EP. I'm just gonna say it FUCK HENRY ROLLINS. He is a scab and a terrible fucking singer. There I said it. True I like the Damage lp but I will take the first three singers over Henry Garfield anyday. And with that out of the way The Jealous Again EP is with the best singer Ron Reyes(CHAVO). Just these four songs are enough to put them in the top 5. Greg Ginn has always been one of my guitar heroes. They riffs are always frantic and perfect. The band was already on the uphill when all the different singers started changing up. Dez was also super good but like all good bands they shot there wad real early on and never could keep it together. 

Number 5. Youth Brigade-Sound and Fury. As a whole this might be the tamest of the 5 but I love this record so much. I have worn out three copies of this record since 86. When ever I see a copy I just buy it because I know I will go through another at some point. The Stern brothers makeup this band and they had a music quality and message that always stuck with me. Good sing along choruses and the topics were a little deeper then NA but still I felt what they were saying. Out of all the So Cal bands from 80-82 I know they were the best. The other runner ups are the Adolescents, Agent Orange, CH3, Etc etc

I stayed to the pre- 86 rule that the book stayed with. Honestly the late 80's Straight Edge scene was when I was actually going to shows and started playing in bands. Bands like Chain of Strength, Youth of Today, Infest, Cro Mags, Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Inside Out, Etc Etc. Whatever If you have not heard these records do yourself a favor and hunt them down.

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  1. Really good man, really good. I share your same view of Hank the Wank totally, riding on the work of what went before him and most got sucked in, sadly, I know fuck all about Neg Approach as far as tunes go . . . even though our musical taste does not always cross over, by and large in the rock world it does, I also share your view of just being yourself and screw what others think, don't change a fucking thing Anchorman, HFF.