Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rambling Man

So was thinking about the road trips for next year already. The weather has been terrible here in KC and now I can focus on the Ironhead redo and the shovel completion then on to the 51 f1. I am a very motivated person and do not waste anytime with bullshit. Ie: no movies, video games, tv, talking, you get the picture. I listen to music and build shit that is about it. I take care of my family and they come first then the shop stuff. Friends are in the mix some what, but I like working in my shop best. The walls are covered like a 15 year old would do. There are punk rock fliers, naked girls, stupid shit written on walls, etc etc. It is a place where dreams are hatched, dreams are lived out, and sometimes dreams are crushed.
 So on to next years trips. Decided I am gonna fly out to the BF show in June. July is gonna be a ride down to South Texas I think all the way to the Gulf and back. Then the last week of July leave for Sturgis. I know I know Sturgis is gay as a 2 dollar bill but I have never been and  I want to at least go once. More important I will leave Sturgis and go out to Bonneville for the first couple days of speed week. Then boogie back across the map and back home. Granted this is all if the cards fall into place but how I do it is start saving now and by next riding season I have a nice little nest egg. Bikes will be in order by spring and I will have a few months to shake down the Shovelhead so if all else fails I will just ride the Ironhead. I may just for go the Sturgis part and ride somewhere I have never been in August. I have never rode east of St. Louis and might go off into the east a ways. Either way I am already making plans and getting my dollars together. Trips are fucking expensive. Even camping and eating shit food. Still expensive. Gas, oil, food, and drink add up on the road real quick.That is if you don't run into fried batteries and broke shit all over the road. Most brutal wonderful time you will ever spend. Just trying to get to the next gas stop and then blast off till the next one. So much fun. Still think about the Cali trip almost daily. Shea, Michael, Des and I had a true man's trip. It was inspiring to wake up and pack your bike up and blast off. Thought so much that there were times my mind actually went blank and all I saw were beautiful landscapes and miles of moonlit hills laid out in front of my wheel. I think of the last day when Des and I just ripped home across Kansas and Shea and Michael took it easy. I wanted to get home so bad and they wanted it to last a little longer. In hind sight I should have taking another day and just enjoyed the last 500 miles. Oh well I will have next year to try and exercise some road patience.

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