Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shop Bike 2010

We pretty much called this bike The Shop Bike. Tony and I did the whole deal in a fairly short time. We had quite the line up at this years WOW show. So here is the list. I did the hardtail, bars, seat pan, sissy bar and we both worked on the oil bag/battery box. Tony built the motor because I blew it up. Tony does a great job at building motors and then detailing them out. We both did the paint and Shea has this motor and painted tins on his bike now. Lessons learned on this one. Have a title before building chopper, shit can the 4 carbs, and don't build a super tight bike that is so tight you can't even ride it.Seriously this bike was killer and had a really good look but was totally fucked if you were over 5 feet tall.

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