Wednesday, November 28, 2012

$Bling That Stings$

Does not look like 100 dollars worth of chrome but I assure you it is. Happy as hell to pay for it also. This means the only thing left is the paint. Michael Geltz of FWG is doing me a solid on a killer paint job so I will let the man deal with it on his time schedule. He is very busy honing his hobbit skills. Got the clutch arm I had to extend done and the struts for the fender. Jackson Plating right here in KC does a impeccable job every time. Not Fast and not fucking cheap but the devil is in the details. Sure all you see of the arm is like 3 inches but chrome power is in full glory if you are looking. That means I could get the clutch pedal all hooked up and adjusted and figured out how to have the bolt for the peg act as a stop for the pedal. Should work killer and can't wait to go try and ride this jockey shift bike. Gonna be another learning curve. I like learning and with this under my belt I should be able to ride anything on this planet.

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  1. Actually "Hand Ratchet Shift" . . . sorry about that. The Jockey Shift does not return to the original position each time.