Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Steps.....

Kinda just plugging away on the Wizard. One piece at a time till everything is done. Got the clutch pack greased up and all the plates cleaned. New lock tab and now that is installed. Adjusted the clutch and now on to the carb. Hated the huge S&S teardrop cleaner so I was planning on buying a fancy pants velocity stack and choke knob but the funds need to be spent on other stuff. What to do What to do? After staring at the stock S&S backing plate I saw the basic shape of a velocity stack. Funny how my brain works some times. So fuck it lets just cut up my nice brand new air cleaner and BANG, turned out cool. Gonna shape it a little more then cut the lever down but over all it looks good and doesn't take away from the motor. Cut a screen to fit behind it and polish it to a nice shiny glow. So on to the primary cover and belt then on to wiring. Paint and chrome are the only things out of my control so I will just cover it up till all the pieces come home. Love that everything is chrome or black right now.

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