Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank You FWG

So like I was saying I changed out my Mullins trees to the way sexier FWG trees. Finished up the change over tonight. While I was at it I put the pullbacks I built and had plated last year on and added the small round headlight. New grips and lubed all the cables as well. Checked the fluids and should get a good ride in tomorrow. The pullbacks look killer but are a little sketchy in town traffic. Whatever right it's a chopper and it is skinny for sure now. Anyways Thank You again fellow hermit and truth be told you are on a next level of hermit my friend. I'm jealous

1 comment:

  1. Fuck !!! Never seen them up close and on a bike like that, unfuckingbelievably gorgeous, never thought I'd see someone taking off a pair of Brandon's but I can see why, looks like a knife up front, wow . . . I'll have to come back and drool again mate, possibly the coolest narrowglide I've ever seen, did I say fuck yet, fuck !!!